Monday, August 25, 2014

AUG 16th Katie's her own words.

So as sitting there... Walking .. Talking... Sitting again... Talking some more... I was talking to god n i asked him what is it that im supose to do? Why am i this way? What is it that i am so afraid of ? And i just asked all these questions... I didn't even no wat to think at this point.. I just wanted to throw in the towel.. But i knew i couldnt i just had to get a handle on myself n i finally told god i loved him n i leave in ur hands bud. N that is when it hit me in my head to read alma 32:16 n when i read it i cried bc i have a stubborn heart... N i just thought well i guess its time katie for u to overcome this fear... N at the time it spoke to me idk wat it was but it said never fear have faith for i am always with you. N i said crap... N then so i cried n cried n cried like big fat baby out there... N today walking to the swimmin hole i prayed the whole way... N i just got in there and i done it.. I faced it!

Here are the photos that KT sent me via text: 
Taylor, KT, Sister Thompson
Sister missionaries

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